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Gamer Belt Buckle

Gamer Belt Buckle

Have you ever been playing Call of Duty or Battlefield on a laggy server, and felt like the other team's win was"below the belt", literally, while you can't do anything about that in COD or BF, don't let being shot below the belt affect you in real life. Behold! the Gamer Belt Buckle! Radically designed and equipped with our newly developed plutonium-infused, density-degrader, magnetic-repulsion accelorator. That's right, this sucker can bounce bullets. It's all very technical, but rest assured, and walk assured, this baby's bulletproof. *

Disclaimer: Microjeux will not be held responsible for accidents incurred by the naive or the gullible.

* Belt buckle requires recharging for optimum bullet-bounce-back performance, either by injection of pure plutonium, or supercharged by 1.21 gigawatts!

Available Platforms: MERCHANDISE
Release Date: 11 june 2011

For pricing & availability
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